A100: 11 weeks to go

I’m training for the Autumn 100, my second attempt at a 100-miler.  This week didn’t quite go to plan, as you’ll see from the daily details below. But that’s all part of the fun. Being flexible, making things work and trying not to get injured.

MONDAY (0 miles)
Rest day. Got around to the upper body workout first thing, mainly press-ups and a few weights, with a bit of core thrown in for good measure. Also did some foam rolling in the evening. It’s no fun but I do think it helps my calves which are basically like concrete.

TUESDAY (6.3 miles)
At Barn Elms track at 6:30am for 400m reps with Cat. She is always winning races so I did my best to keep up. Managed to once out of 10 laps before my lack of -pre-run breakfast caught up with me and my energy was all used up. Current PB of 1:18 to beat next time. 400s are actually quite fun, I’ve decided. Which probably means I’m not going hard enough…

WEDNESDAY (7.8 miles)
Ran in to work. Fairly steady with a bit of pace to finish. Almost found the perfect route that’s a blend of scenic and not too pedestriany.

THURSDAY (0 miles)
Did some yoga in the morning. My plan to run home was scuppered by my inability to prepare. As I was expecting a delivery, I’d decided to work from home on Friday – and now I had no way to run home and get my laptop back. Idiot.

FRIDAY (6.8 miles)
Another early morning and alternate miles, one easy, one hard. My mile times for this are not currently satisfactory (6:51 vs my all-time PB from two years ago of 5:53) but that’s why I’m doing the track work. I won’t be running anything like this pace in the Autumn 100 but running fast improves form and makes running slower easier. Or rather, it should make my easy pace a bit faster.

SATURDAY (0 miles) The original plan for a short run before visiting the family in Sussex was superseded by some maintenance at the chiropractor. I’ve been seeing mine for years and as he’s a sports injury specialist, he understands that what I’m doing is ‘normal’. Joints and muscles loosened and I was feeling much better about Sunday’s long run. Also went a for a swim in the sea. Well, I splashed about a bit. It was hardly a workout. But yeah, let’s call it cross-training.

SUNDAY (21.5 miles)
Fed up with the usual routes, I got the first train to Walton and ran to the river and then along the Thames Path back to Fulham. Possibly went a bit fast for a long easy run but either way, the heat and fatigue caught up with me near the end and I pulled the plug a bit early. Very pleased that a) there is still a while to get fitter and b) it’s not going to be as hot on race day. I assume. Although given the rate of global warming, who knows?

Weekly total: 42.6 miles

A reasonable week, although I’m feeling less confident now than I did before the long run. The idea of running five times that distance (albeit a lot slower) is a bit worrying. Luckily, I don’t have a two-week holiday starting next week to interrupt this training block. Wait. Oh yes, I do…


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