A100: 10 weeks to go

I’m training for the Autumn 100, my second attempt at a 100-miler. After a long run on Sunday and a higher mileage week, this week was focused on easier runs and fewer miles.

Monday (0 miles)

The usual start to the week with some early morning yoga. I rarely want to do it but always feel better after.
Tuesday (4.7 miles)

I’d planned to get up early and do a few miles before breakfast but my heart wasn’t in it. Literally. When I’ve done more or more intense running, I sometimes wake up with increased heart rate, which apparently is a sign of overtraining. I took the hint and waited until lunchtime for my easy run. This time I found the Rotherhithe tunnel and ran through it as part of a 5-mile loop near work. Tip: unless you’re being chased by zombies, never, ever run through the Rotherhithe tunnel. I could feel the vehicle fumes sticking to my lungs as I ran and spent the afternoon coughing. Filthy.

Wednesday (4.1 miles)

I had a few local errands to run and so that’s what I did, literally ran from one to the next. Slightly shocked at how few cyclists in the area were wearing helmets. Maybe it was National Idiot Day. Strangely sore knee afterwards but probably just a reaction from Sunday’s long run.

Thursday (6.3 miles)

Having consulted with Podium Princess Cat (who had casually won a trail marathon the previous weekend), we postponed track until today. Amelia also joined us for 10 x 400m. Somewhat surprisingly, I found leading rather than following easier to focus on form (keeping my head still this week – I can’t do more than one thing at once), and felt pretty good throughout. I managed to improve my lap time to 1:15, which according to Strava is my second best time. Still no idea what my best time is. Managed to fit in some foam rolling in the evening, focusing on my left calf which had turned into a block of concrete during the day.

Friday (5.9 miles)

Another early start to meet a few fellow Fulham Running Club runners at 6:45 for an easy jog across Putney Bridge, along the Thames Path to Hammersmith Bridge and back to Fulham. Except the ladies are clearly a bit quicker than me with their average pace close to my marathon pace. I could have slowed down and run on my own but that would have defeated the object of a group run. Still, it was good to see some familiar faces and meet some new people on a beautiful morning by the Thames. Sunny, cool, perfect.

Saturday (0 miles)

An enforced but also much needed rest day began with some yoga before breakfast. I’m aware all this early morning activity is making me sound a bit virtuous but really it’s a combination of time available and absolutely required maintenance to keep my old body in some sort of reasonable shape. Barely a day goes by that I don’t wish I was doing all this training as a 23-year-old instead of a 43-year-old. Hey ho. Out of curiosity, I also weighed myself. 11st 4lb. Today I fly to San Francisco for a few days before moving onto Maui. I wonder if I’ll be able to do enough exercise on this holiday to a) keep my training on track and b) keep my weight at least stable while I’m away enjoying myself. I know, it’s a tough gig. But I enjoy a challenge. I also enjoy a beer and a burger…

Sunday (5.7 miles)

San Francisco is all hills. So it seemed silly not to incorporate some hill reps into my jetlag-early pre-breakfast run. Absolutely love running here, even when the weather isn’t amazing. And the grid system means you can’t really get lost. Already looking forward to going out again tomorrow.

Weekly total: 26.8 miles

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