A100: 9 weeks to go

Finding a balance between enjoying the holiday and feeling like I’m still keeping fit isn’t easy but I’ve kept myself ticking over this week.

Monday (5.4 miles)

Jogged down to the Embarcadero (the piers in San Francisco) before 10 minutes out and 10 minutes back, as hard as I could maintain a decent 5k pace. Managed 6:57, 7:02 and 6:57 for the three miles which I was fairly happy with. Another mile or so back to the hotel and I was ready for breakfast.

Tuesday (14.8 miles)

With jetlag still a bit of an issue I made the most of the time awake and headed out to the Golden Gate Bridge. Running across an entirely fog enshrouded bridge was a slightly unnerving experience and as soon as I reached the Marin County sign and headland I headed back. The plan was to pick up the pace on the return leg but to start with I was struggling. Then I was passed by a girl either doing intervals or just much faster than me (probably both) and I had a ready-made pacemaker. I managed a negative split and collapsed in a heap back at the hotel.

Wednesday (0 miles)

Woke up in Maui, one of the Hawaiian islands, after an exhausting evening flight. Did some yoga to work out some kinks. Flying is no good for my flexibility.

Thursday (0 miles)

Did some snorkelling. That was about the extent of my exercise today.

Friday (0 miles)

Started the day with some body weight exercises to get the limbs and heart moving before heading out for what was meant to be a scenic 5-mile coastal hike. However, the trail was next to non-existent and when it passed through a nudist beach and we were enthusiastically approached and then followed by a naked man, we decided to cut our losses and leave sharpish.

Saturday (5.5 miles)

With parkrun yet to reach Hawai’i, I decided on some quarter-mile reps along the coast road. With numerous undulations and little in the way of a footpath it was a challenging run. And even before 8am it was fairly warm and humid so I was pleased with my effort.

Sunday (0 miles)

More snorkelling and saw a turtle! Very exciting. Bit of an upper body workout with all the swimming. Let’s call it another rest day.

Weekly total: 25.8 miles 

Not a bad week considering, with some good quality making up somewhat for a lack of quantity. Realistically, next week will be similar. On the plus side, I have no injuries and I’m unlikely to overtrain!

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