A100: 6 weeks to go

MONDAY (0 miles)

10-hour flight from San Francisco overnight. 30 minutes sleep. Swapped an easy run for a nap.

TUESDAY (5 miles)

A few easy miles in some cheap new shoes. Turns out they’re cheap because they won’t last long! Comfy though. Also got a slightly painful but much needed sports massage in the evening.

WEDNESDAY (8.1 miles)

Resurrected the run commute, overcoming jetlag-related nausea to finish strongly.

THURSDAY (6.8 miles)

Early morning track session. Felt a bit nauseous (again) so started with 2×800, followed by 4×400, and then 2×800. Decent session and wasn’t even interrupted by the local geese. They must have known I meant business.

FRIDAY (0 miles)

Early morning yoga and that was it for the day. Absolutely shattered. Sometimes I love rest day.

SATURDAY (4.6 miles)

After a few weeks of shorter, faster runs, I had this notion that I might be able to get close to my parkrun PB (20:20). However, beating this meant 6:32/mile pace which seemed unlikely so I just set off at what I thought was a sustainable pace. Aside from a slack second mile, I was happy to finish in 20:47. Maybe next week. Also got my regular maintenance session at the chiropractor which should keep me in shape as I up the mileage.

SUNDAY (19.5 miles)

I’ve been sneezing all week and just assumed I was allergic to going back to work. But when I woke up with the feeling of a cold in my head I very nearly didn’t go for the planned long run. Felt a bit ropey for the first few miles but by the time I reached Richmond Hill for some continuous hill reps I was in the groove. While it wasn’t a quick run, I finished feeling strong, which is all I can hope for at this stage.

Weekly total: 44.3 miles

A good week. Need to focus on doing more strength work though. Starting to have muscle overuse injury thoughts. Mentally, I’m 100% ready to finish a 100-miler. Physically, I’m not so certain.

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