A100: 5 weeks to go

MONDAY (0 miles)

Yoga am, foam rolling the calves pm. Seem to have gained a twinge in my lower back overnight. Probably just a reaction to it being Monday.

TUESDAY (5 miles)

It may be September but it was very warm even at 6:15 this morning. Humidity and early mornings always make me feel sick but managed to avoid blapping all over the Thames Path. A few form drills in the park followed by an easy progression run.

WEDNESDAY (8.2 miles)

Started the day with a short (25 minute) leg session, with lunges, squats and stability exercises. The plan was to run a quick 10k as part of my 8-mile run commute home. As soon as I picked up the pace, I felt something like indigestion which I couldn’t shake. It was also warm, and I set off too fast so after 5 miles decided to cruise the rest home. I don’t know what brought that feeling on but I also couldn’t eat dinner which is very unlike me. I’ve also had a bit of a cold and have been phlegmy on my runs, although maybe I need to lay off the milk and cheese for a bit.

THURSDAY (6.1 miles)

A couple of easy miles to track, some form drills to warm up and then 6x600m. Still feeling a mixture of nausea and indigestion so this wasn’t a great session. Also, as it was less than 12 hours since my last run, I wasn’t recovered. Still, got it done and I now have 48 hours to rest up, overcome this stomach issue and have a crack at my parkrun PB on Saturday.

FRIDAY (0 miles)

Early morning yoga and some foam rolling in the evening. Classic.

SATURDAY (4.5 miles)

One of the many great things about running with a club is that there’s usually someone faster than you. Well, there is if you’re me and you run with Fulham. So I asked my speedy chum Andy Han to pace me to a PB at parkrun today. He did his best but I couldn’t keep up and despite getting to halfway in 10:08, 20:19 didn’t happen. But given it was 25 seconds faster than last week, I’ll take 20:22. If I can work on my mental attitude when I’m getting fatigued I can crack this. Maybe even go sub-20.

SUNDAY (15.7 miles)

It’s the second Sunday of the month and another chance to run the Thames Hare & Hounds’ Second Sunday 5, a 5-mile trail race on Wimbledon Common. Cheap, cheerful and low key, usually – there were nearly 60 runners today – it’s a good, lumpy test and the perfect training for the winter cross-country season. I did this in July and finished in just under 40 minutes so the aim was to jog there, give it a go, and then run for an hour afterwards to get my weekend mileage up.

Knowing the course was a bonus and I felt comfortable with a pace of just over 7 minute miles until I reached the Toast Rack which is always a battle of attrition. Maintaining a consistent pace and finishing strongly are always my aim and with the exception of a girl who took off on the final descent, no one overtook me after the first half mile. My time was 37:00 so very happy with that.

Weekly total: 39.9 miles

Another good week. Every now and then I wonder if I should be doing more miles – which I will, a bit, for the next two weeks – but I’m confident that the good quality mileage I’m doing is helping to improve my overall fitness. Hopefully this will be at least as good as just doing more miles. We shall see in less than five weeks!


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