A100: 4 weeks to go

MONDAY (0 miles)
Yoga first thing. Sore back by the end of the day. I think my body just gets confused when I don’t run!

TUESDAY (7.7 miles)

The run commute this morning and for a few miles decided to keep it easy all the way. But the further I went the better I felt so this ended up as a steady progression run. I think I’ve also finally found a route which is fairly direct but without too much foot or road traffic. Score!

WEDNESDAY (6.1 miles)

Nice steady bridges loop with Fulham Running Club. Great to catch up with people even if I didn’t fancy beer. Probably thinking about tomorrow morning’s track session…

THURSDAY (6 miles)

A beautiful morning by the time I headed home. By then I’d done 10x400m at a decent pace so happy with that.

FRIDAY (10 miles)

Worked at home so took the chance to do an early evening run round Clapham Common and back. Even at an easy pace I was pretty tired by the end. Four days’ running in a row is about my limit.

SATURDAY (10.1 miles)

A rare Saturday off running as I was volunteering at the inaugural Chiltern Wonderland 50, a new ultra from Centurion Running. My first time doing over timing and boy, is it hard work! Runners should be made to come into the check point one at a time with a gap of no less than 30 seconds šŸ™‚ Great fun and good to see lots of familiar faces doing so well.

SUNDAY (17.2 miles)

A wonderful weekend of running altruismwas rounded off today when I ran to Kingston Bridge to meet Steph who was doing the Richmond Marathon. When I met her (at mile 16) she was a bit knackered, having set off too fast. So I just ran with her to keep her company and see how close we could get to her pre-race target of 3:35. She showed incredible grit to tough it out for 10 miles and finished in 3:37. Top effort from her and great fun for me. I also did some foam rolling which was considerably less fun.

Weekly total: 47.3 miles

My biggest mileage week for a while. This week I’ve been thinking about finishing the Autumn 100. Literally, how I’ll run (or possibly walk) those last few yards and how great it will feel. I don’t know if visualisation works, but I’m willing to give it a try. If nothing else, filling my head with positive thoughts feels good so I’ll keep doing that for now.

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