A100: 3 weeks to go


Photo by Leo

MONDAY (0 miles)

Yoga in the morning, foam rolling in the evening. Despite yesterday’s long(ish) run, I actually felt like I could have run today. But I stuck to the plan and gave my legs the chance to recover.

TUESDAY (11.6 miles)

The plan was to run with the newly-formed running club at work and then run home, all at a nice easy pace. But the only person who turned up is young and quick so I did miles at tempo pace and then jogged homewards. With a few miles to go I decided to see if I could respond to an increase in pace and to my surprise and delight found myself fairly flying along and didn’t want to stop. Just occasionally, there’s a pace and point in a run where it feels absolutely exhilarating to be running and this was that rare time for me. I guess this is the runner’s high you hear about. And bloody marvellous it was too.

WEDNESDAY (11.9 miles)

Again went out for a few miles after work  with the office whippet and someone else so again started out speedily. Soon settled down to a more easy pace for the journey home and got back feeling not too knackered.

THURSDAY (0 miles)

Probably could have gone to track for some mile reps (my original plan) but decided they wouldn’t be high quality so had a lie-in and did some extra foam rolling, which I definitely needed.


FRIDAY (5.7 miles)

For the first time in ages I got up in time for the Friday morning run with Fulham Running Club along the Thames. Was rewarded with some good chat with Leo (who is also doing the Autumn 100 – his first 100 but I’m sure he’s going to be brilliant) and some FRC ladies, as well as a beautiful sunny and misty river run. Was tempted to continue the run all the way to work but need to save the legs for tomorrow’s route recce.

SATURDAY (24.8 miles)

Cat, Dudley and Leo refuel at halfway

We picked a beautiful day to check out leg 3 of the Autumn 100, from Goring village up to Chain Hill, west on the Ridgeway. I was running with Dudley, Cat and Leo, all of whom are running the A100, and all of whom are a lot quicker and fitter than me. The pace was a touch hot for me and I paid for it in the final ascent at mile 20 but overall coped fairly well on tired legs. It was a stunning day out, although the wind up  there could be a bit challenging come the night of the race. If all goes to plan I’ll be up there from about 8.30pm until about 2am. Great to see it in the daylight and sunshine though!

SUNDAY (0 miles)

A day of rest. Lying down, eating, a spot of yoga and some foamrolling. Looking forward to an easier week.


Weekly total: 54.1 miles

This was peak week for my training. In the seven days from last Sunday to this Saturday I ran 71 miles, which I think is the most I’ve ever done in that period. So while I felt a bit disheartened to see the other looking so fresh after our recce, I won’t be running anything like as fast as them on race day, and I won’t have had quite such a big week. It’s easy to get distracted by other people’s running but I need to focus on myself and stick to my plan.

A plan which will now also see me doing more core strength workouts over the coming weeks. I’ve been neglecting them and even a few short sessions a week will help me to be stronger come race day. 20 days to go…

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