A100: 2 weeks to go

MONDAY (0 miles)

If in doubt, have an extra rest day. That’s my motto. So no running today but a challenging core session before breakfast. I remain hopeless at side planks. Something to work on during the off-season.

TUESDAY (4.8 miles)

This was meant to be an easy 5-miler round Southwark Park at lunchtime but unexpectedly the legs felt good so it turned into a progression run. Sometimes it’s nice just to run how you feel.

WEDNESDAY (13.3 miles)

Unable to get to the biannual Fulham Handicap race in time, I ran an easy 4 miles with the newly formed and rapidly expanding work running club and then headed homewards. Ended up doing a nicely even-paced half marathon, and all in a fresh-out-the-box pair of trail shoes. Deciding I needed a second pair for the forthcoming race, I upgraded to the new Peregrine 6 from Saucony. Just as comfortable on road, I didn’t get a single blister or so much as a hotspot. Definitely “second half slippers” for the big dance.

THURSDAY (0 miles)

A tad sore from last night, I ditched track and did some foam rolling first thing, and then again in the evening. No fun but needs must.

FRIDAY (4.5 miles)

Early morning easy bridge loop with Leo. He carried on and ran in to work. I really wish I’d done the same as a) it took me way longer on the tube and b) if I had, I would have topped 200 miles for the month. Still, 191.3 for September was a decent total and probably my biggest ever. Not that size is important…

SATURDAY (8.2 miles)

The plan was to jog the first 4 miles, then 5k pace for the remaining 4. But I ran too soon after breakfast and felt queasy from the start. Still managed 3 decent miles but I just wasn’t feeling right so jogged it in. Not ideal, but I should probably get used to running while not feeling great. There could well be a lot of that in two weeks’ time.

SUNDAY (9.7 miles)

A nice easy trot up through Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park. It seems to take me about an hour to get into a groove these days and sure enough, the last half an hour of this was the most fun.

Weekly total: 40.8 miles

This was the first week of this training block which at times felt like hard work. I feel like I’ve done most of the required running and now I just want to get on with the race. Hitting the mileage goals, nailing the tough sessions, getting up early to go to the track; these are all things I love and do willingly, but it’s tiring, physically and mentally. So I’m looking forward to a couple of low mileage weeks and a LOT of list-making. You can’t run an ultra without making lists.


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