Autumn 100: (Less than) 1 week to go

MONDAY (0 miles)
Yoga and foam rolling for breakfast. Mmm, tasty.

TUESDAY (4.5 miles)
Classic two-bridge loop first thing. Felt fine, although I’m way more phlegmy than I ought to be. Decided to find out if it is sinusitis and booked a doctor’s appointment for Friday. It could be that a course of antibiotics will clear this up once and for all. I don’t feel bad enough not to run but it is annoying and can’t be helping me.

WEDNESDAY (7.6 miles)
The last run commute before the race. Decided to warm up with an easy mile and then keep my pace sub-8 minute miles for the remainder. Despite a decidedly unhelpful easterly headwind for part of the way, this felt really good. I reckon I’d be in good shape for a half marathon PB right now. Which is both encouraging and worrying, given that my race is a little bit longer than that and at a very different pace. Still, happy to be feeling fit. Having said that, there’s a slight pain emerging from my left knee which I’ve never had before. I’m sure it’s nothing, he says unconvincingly.

THURSDAY (0 miles)
Decided to listen to the knee and did a core workout and some foam rolling instead of running.

FRIDAY (4.3 miles)
Early morning two bridges with Leo, Emily and Andy. Not super easy pace but still conversational and felt pretty good. Saw the doctor and got a nasal spray. Can’t do any harm to try it.

SATURDAY (4.1 miles)
As instructed by the doc, I took the nasal spray first thing and waited for the magic to happen. Taking it completely easy at parkrun is an exercise in futility, so I decided to go for a 10k-ish pace. No complaints from the knee, felt comfortable and finished strong in just over 22 minutes. A couple of months ago this was my best effort so I’ve definitely made some progress. Thanks, track sessions! Also, there was very little in the way of post-run mucus, you’ll no doubt be delighted to read.

In the afternoon, I went for one of my regular appointments to see my chiropractor to make sure everything was in order ahead of the race. Turns out the knee pain wasn’t nothing, and that one of the muscles in my quad (there are four, you know) was very tight, so he worked on that to loosen it up.

SUNDAY (0 miles)
Stretching and foam rolling like a boss. I could have run today but I’m not going to get any fitter now and I may as well start the restful week to avoid putting any additional stress on my clearly overworked muscles. I’ll do one more run on Tuesday and that will be it until next Saturday at 10am.

Weekly total: 20.4 miles

So that’s it. Training is complete. I probably should have done more strength work and this may come back to haunt me, but what’s done is done. I am confident I can finish this time and I’m really looking forward to the experience, even though I know it’s going to be really hard. That’s why I’m doing this though – to test myself. Here’s hoping I  pass.


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